A boy is sneezing on the grass due to hay fever allergy.

When the human body’s immune system observes and overreacts to something on the outside, then it leads to Severe Hay Fever symptoms that generally causes no issues in most persons. Hay Fever, also known as Allergic Rhinitis, produces cold-like symptoms. For Instance, sneezing, running nose, coughing, itchy eyes, and sinus…

What are Allergies?

A beautiful girl is sneezing in the park due to some allergy.

Do you know? What are Allergies? When our immune system rises up against to unknown substance that’s not harmful to our body such as pollen, bee sting, dust mites, or pet dander then Allergies symptoms occur. These unknown substances are called allergens.

They may include certain foods, metals and medications are common causes of severe reactions.


Our immune system generates substances called antibodies. The immune system is normally modifying to our environment.

The Symptoms of Allergies depend upon several factors. You experienced the symptoms because of allergy which is due to various factors. This comprises the kind of allergy you experienced and how serious the allergy was.

This article ( Coconut oil allergy) has been written to help people that are allergic to coconut oil to know their allergic reaction, and also to tell those that believe they will be allergic to coconut however aren’t sure.

Coconut oil allergy is very rare. If you’re allergic to coconut…

Allergies Info

Online allergen

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